American Manufacturer of Solid Hard Wood  Shadow Box Framed Hanging Display Cases,  Free Standing Display Cases,  Custom Cabinets,  Large Tavern Tables,  Shelves,  Footlockers,  and Unique Special Order Items. Sturdy Enough To Hold Axes, Knives, and a wide assortment of other artifacts.  All of our Products are Hand Made here in Tucson Arizona since 1995 

Choose from an assortment of slow grown Solid Hard Woods. Not fast growing Soft Woods stained/colored to look like something else. 

 Preserve and Display your Uniform and Medals "As Issued," in a sealed, protective and beautiful display case.

Yes, our products are a bit more expensive than our competitors. Our products are made to last through many generations.

Glass is heavy and can be brittle. But it will take years of wiping clean without leaving scratches, and glass isn't a Fire Propelant, like Plexiglass !!

We use Food Grade Mineral Oil, and Water Based Polyurethane to seal the wood. This adds to the beauty of the wood, along with providing protection to the the public & environment. It is also non combustable. No other coating/sealer can claim that.  

 Our Tavern/Kitchen Tables are heavy duty and very large. Seat 4 to 16.

Let us build you something that will last over 100 years.

Even Michaels Products cost more, just to simply hang a T-Shirt, and they certainly won't last as long